Pepperell Bees & Honey: Meet Andy!

Always fascinated with Bees, I decided to try my hand at Beekeeping. I bought a local nuc and an additional Queen making a split for my first two hives; I was immediately hooked... or stung...I can't remember. I completely submerged myself, grafting a handful of Queens to expand my apiary my first year, all while still working my full-time job as a Bricklayer. I began to see the world in black and yellow!

I started bottling my honey for local pickup and delivery to friends and family. Once I realized I had a great product in the honey (kudos to my many workers), I started to think about what else I could conjure from my hives...then it hit me....

As a Bricklayer, I work in conditions that don’t smell great and that constantly dry out my skin. A shower after work with an amazing smelling creamy soap is my happy place. I couldn’t find anything but short-lasting soaps with weak scents. I began experimenting with soap-making using the beneficial products from my bee hives. I absolutely love honey and couldn’t imagine making soap without adding its amazing qualities, in addition to beeswax, for a long-lasting soap. I'm a stickler for good quality products and insist on using the best ingredients available for a luxuriously lathering, long-lasting, clean smelling quality soap with as few allergens as possible.

The soap became such a hit with my friends and family that I decided to ramp up production in order to meet the needs of my growing customer base.

In addition to these products, I've been grafting and raising my own Queens and Overwintering nucleus colonies, both which will be for sale in the coming future.

I'm continuously thinking of new ways to bring honey products to market. I look forward to growing and sharing my love for everything Bees & Honey with all of you!

~Andy Senecal - Apiarist/Owner of Pepperell Bees & Honey